About Us

Most online ‘quizzes’ don’t have a page like this…  

And that’s simply because we’re here to help young people (and some adults) discover a career they love

Who are the people behind these awesome questions?

Hi there, and thanks for checking out the Career Clusters. 

Unlike anonymous people offering online quizzes that are as useful as a horoscope, we’re an Australian social enterprise that’s aiming to improve career education across the world. 

And thanks to you taking our new Career quiz today, you’re helping us understand the where/how/what of people’s different career choices.

About Study Work Grow

Started by a high school teacher as a way of helping other teachers, today we work with over 500 high schools in Australia and many more across the world. 

Out mission is to help every young person discover a career they love. It’s something we might never succeed with, but that won’t stop us from creating helpful resources that make a difference to educators everywhere. 

Hi, I'm Lucy Sattler, our team's Career Practitioner

When my team and I created the Career Clusters, we wanted a new way of talking about Careers with young people.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for students to think of the same 10 jobs every time (doctor, firefighter, receptionist, nurse, teacher etc) when there’s over 1,000 different jobs out there to explore.

By using research started by the Foundation for Young Australians and added to by our own global information gathering, we launched the Career Clusters as an easy way for young people to align with and explore careers that match their skills, interests, and values. 


If you’ve participated in the Career Cluster Quiz today, I thank you for your time (and hope it helped you to think about your career). 

If you’re an in-school educator and would like free access to our Career Clusters teaching resources, then click here to apply today.  

Like to reach out to us with feedback or questions? Get in touch with us using our contact details below. Cheers!