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Assess - Groom - Treat - Support

They use their skills to support other people to maintain and care for their health and wellbeing. Guardians are skilled at supporting people and they have a deep understanding of physical and mental health.

Many Guardians work in healthcare, the fitness and beauty industries, and others help keep our workplaces and public spaces safe.


Connect - Promote - Sell - Serve​

They support others to find the things we need and manage our purchases, services, recreation, and travel. Linkers are skilled at helping others, managing relationships, and working with other industry professionals, and they need strong communication skills and a healthy dose of patience and resilience.

Linkers often work in hospitality, retail, marketing, and customer service.


Administer - Manage - Strategise​

They support all industries to manage, monitor, move, and maintain their systems, so things run smoothly. They are skilled at maintaining schedules, strategic planning, and are also often responsible for organising others in their team.

Coordinators are found in every industry, and work at all levels of an organisation, from admin to senior management.


Advise - Analyse - Educate - Guide​

Informers use their industry specific expertise to support others to learn, develop, create, protect, account, research, and analyse. Informers are skilled at helping others and have a deep knowledge of their chosen area, as well as extensive experience.

Informers use their skills in every industry, but particularly in education, financial and business services, legal services, politics, and the arts.


Construct - Create - Maintain - Operate ​

They work with their hands, and use their skills to fix, mend, create, inspect, maintain, grow, and move. Makers are skilled at using tools and equipment, and have a responsibility for maintaining the safety of their work site for themselves and others.

They work in a variety of locations, depending on their industry, which may include industrial and commercial sites, on farms, and as tradespeople.


Design - Develop - Engineer​

They design, innovate, and create the things, tools, places and systems we use to live our lives, and work with cutting edge technology to protect, develop, solve, and maintain technological systems.

Innovators design everything from buildings to aircraft, vaccines, and software, and their creations are used in every industry, and they work closely with Makers.