The Coordinators

The Coordinators plan, manage, and administer our events, systems and economy

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Meet the Coordinators

The Coordinators are people who manage our lives. They are passionate about keeping things organised, enjoy making sure everything runs smoothly, and are skilled at things like maintaining schedules, strategic planning, managing teams, and coordinating customers and clients. 

You can find Coordinators in every single industry, organisation, and business because they take care of the administration and management. This means that, if you’re a Coordinator, you can find a job that suits your strengths in any workplace you’re interested in. 

We couldn't manage without Coordinators

Coordinators play a vital role in any workplace, because they handle all of the administrative and managerial tasks that form part of the normal operations of a business. 

They work at all levels but complete similar tasks such as planning programs and events, monitoring and evaluating staff, and ensuring rules and regulations are complied with. 

Coordinators complete similar tasks in every workplace

Regardless of the workplace they are in, Coordinators will be responsible for completing similar tasks. They often need to handle data, and may use software and other online systems in their role when they are monitoring and managing. 

While Coordinators can expect a fair amount of written or desk-based work, they also need to be able to communicate, and may find themselves managing teams, checking stock, or running events, which are tasks that will take them away from their desks. 

Coordinators thrive on organisation

These are people who are driven to ensure that organisations, events, and systems run as they should. They thrive on optimisation and efficiency, and understand the importance of planning to keep everything on track.

Coordinators are skilled at tracking and managing

Regardless of their workplace, Coordinators use a similar skillset to do their jobs. They combine strong organisational and planning skills with advanced written and verbal communication abilities, and they are also great collaborators. 

Coordinators tend to specialise in one area (planning, administration, management) but will need to understand and be able to undertake all areas from time to time. For example, event planners need to be able to manage a team and coordinate with external suppliers, but their key task is structuring and executing an event. 

Where do Coordinators work?

We need Coordinators in every single workplace. They keep our hospitals and schools running, manage our businesses and governments, and plan our events and celebrations. 

Coordinators often use software and online systems to complete their work, and they frequently work in a traditional office setting, but they may also need to travel or visit sites. 

Check out these Coordinators

Rebecca Travis

Tour Manager

Rebecca is responsible for organising everything for the tour from start to finish, including budgets, travel, staff, and production for music artists such as Ellie Goudling

Santi Dominguez

Executive Assistant

Santi is EA to Justin Bieber and his family, and he manages and organises their travel, events, and program, as well as ensuring they have what they need

Tim Brewer

Organisational Design

Tim is an organisational designer who helps other companies create functional structures for their staff using software

Jobs for Coordinators

Coordinators work at all levels, from those doing basic administration tasks through to those managing companies or running political campaigns. Strong planning and organisational skills can lead to a huge range of roles. 

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