The Guardians

The Guardians are people who are help us maintain our health and wellbeing

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Meet the Guardians

The Guardians are people who care deeply about health and wellbeing. They are interested in the body and how it works, and want to work in a role where they are supporting others to be their best versions of themselves. 

This means that they sometimes work in medical care as nurses, doctors, dentists, and pharmacists, but they also help us keep fit and strong in the fitness industry, and help us maintain our physical appearance in the beauty industry. Guardians have great people skills, and they use these to support the people they work with. 

Their key outcome is your wellbeing

Guardians all work towards helping other people maintain their health and wellbeing. 

They often work with clients and patients to set goals for the desired outcomes; that may be a weight-loss goal for a personal trainer and client, a medical outcome for a doctor and patient, or increased mobility for an occupational therapist and their patient. 

Guardians complete tasks that are human-centric

Guardians complete a range of tasks in their roles. Often they need to work hands-on with clients and patients, and they may use technology or equipment to achieve this, but they also need to complete administration tasks like writing meal plans or patient care reports. 

They often rely on technology to track data and monitor progress, and most Guardians need to be comfortable learning how to use new software and equipment systems. 

They value your health

Health and wellbeing isn’t just a job requirement, it underpins their core values. Whether they’re a surgeon or a massage therapist, Guardians are driven by a desire to see the people in their care achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes. 

Guardians value good health and mental wellbeing, and are often people who work to maintain their own physical and mental fitness. 

Guardians need a unique set of skills

First and foremost, Guardians need a strong understanding of the health and wellbeing elements of their chosen profession – for example, dentists need to know a fair amount about teeth and how to treat dental problems. 

Alongside the technical skills they use to operate their specific complex machinery and diagnose problems, Guardians have a set of critical transferable skills. These include strong interpersonal skills like teamwork and communication, a sense of resilience and determination, and they use organisational skills to monitor their clients’ and patients’ progress. 

Where do Guardians work?

Guardians often work in healthcare settings such as dental surgeries, physiotherapy clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and community health clinics. They also work in aged and disability care, both in clinical settings such as formal aged care facilities and also as part of a home-care network where they visit patients at home. 

Guardians who work in the fitness industry may work in gyms, for sports teams, or in public settings like swimming centres and parks, and those who care for our physical appearance work in spas and beauty salons, alternative therapy settings, or visit clients in their homes.

You’ll find Guardians in every industry, from mining to film production and everything in between working as health and safety officers and on-site medical support. 

Check out these Guardians

Lizzy Talbot

Intimacy Coordinator

Lizzy works on film and television sets where she designs intimate scenes and protects the actors’ wellbeing while they are working

Dinesh Palipana

Emergency Doctor

Dinesh is a doctor, lawyer, refugee, and disability advocate. He cares for critically ill patients in the emergency department

Kayla Itsines

Personal Trainer

Kayla supports clients and members of her platform to manage their physical fitness with exercise routines and meal plans

Jobs for Guardians

There are a whole range of roles in this Cluster, from entry level positions in aged care the fitness industry, through to highly skilled surgeons and orthodontists.

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