The Informers

The Informers use their skills and knowledge to support and guide other people

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Meet the Informers

The Informers are passionate about using their extensive understanding of their subject area to help other people. This means that they often advise, guide, and teach, and they sometimes complete tasks that other people without their skills and knowledge couldn’t complete. 

Informers are sharers – they share their skills as teachers, lawyers, accountants, instructors, advisors, and analysts to complete a task. You can often find them working in a professional capacity within business or government, but some of them work as hands on instructors, or complete field research in their roles. 

Informers exist to help you

They’ve trained extensively so that they can bring their specific skillset to the table when and where it’s needed. 

Sometimes they teach and share their knowledge with others, but they also complete complex tasks that require their unique skillset. For example, financial planners bring their knowledge of economics and the financial markets to help guide but also advise clients about how to grow their money. 

Informers combine specific technical know-how with strong communication skills

There are two parts to being an informer – the first is building strong subject area knowledge, and the second is in sharing that knowledge with others. 

For example, someone can be a good scuba diver and not an Informer, but if they want to teach others to scuba dive then they will need to be able to share their knowledge as an Informer. 

Informers hold a vast amount of experience

While not all Informers need a university level qualification, they all need to be masters in their particular area. 

They bring their knowledge and experience to their job, and value their ability to guide and support others. 


Informers are communicators and subject matter experts

The Informers need strong technical skills in their chosen area, and they combine this with a range of transferable skills that help them teach and guide. 

Their technical skills will differ depending on their role, so a horse trainer will need a vast amount of knowledge about training horses, but they won’t need to know anything about writing a legal document, and vice versa for a lawyer. 

Informers are strong communicators, but they are also great collaborators, and can work well with others to achieve a goal. They also display good problem solving skills which helps them work through a problem to find a solution for their students and clients.

Where do Informers work?

Informers work in schools, businesses, training organisations, universities, government, the intelligence industry, and the arts. While not every business may need an Informer on staff full time, they often bring external advisors, consultants, and trainers in when required. 

Informers can be found both in formal office settings as well as physical, hands on places, and many Informers need to be comfortable in both settings. For example, and agronomist may visit a rural property to collect soil samples, then return to their lab for analysis, and finally write a report in the office. 

Check out these Informers

Karlie Noon


Gamilaray woman Karlie is a radio astronomer and science communicator, who has completed advanced research into our galaxy

Mark Rober

STEM Communicator

Mark has worked as a NASA engineer on the Mars Rover project, and now he runs an incredibly popular STEM Youtube channel

Amal Clooney

Human Rights Lawyer

Amal represents people including victims of mass atrocities, and provides legal advice to governments and organisations

Jobs for Informers

While there are a few entry level jobs for Informers, you’ll generally need to bring some level of knowledge and experience to the role. 

Entry Level Jobs

Intermediate Jobs

Senior Roles

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