The Linkers

The Linkers help us find, choose, secure, and use the things we need

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Meet the Linkers

Without the Linkers, we wouldn’t be able to find the products and services we need. And we’re not just talking about the things you purchase – Linkers work in healthcare settings and connect you to the medical support you need, they work in education and help you find a program and enrol, and they connect your with your local government services. 

Linkers are the interface between their organisation and the public, which means they support customers, liaise with clients, and promote the organisation’s benefits to a wider audience. 

Linkers help you find what you need

Which is why we need them – they have the skills and knowledge to be able to advise and guide you to get whatever it is that you need. 

When you need to call for an ambulance you’ll speak with a Linker who connects you to the right emergency service, when you need to move house, a Linker will help you find and secure a new property, and if your computer isn’t working a Linker can help you fix it.  

Linkers work primarily with people

Linkers manage relationships with clients, patients, customers, and suppliers, but not all Linkers work in front-line sales roles. 

You’ll find Linkers also working in any of the public-facing roles that help people interact with businesses and organisations. Linkers may need to be able to support people who are confused or distressed, and they often need a deep knowledge of the service or product they support so that they can accurately inform the public. 

Their goal is to support you

The Linkers want to see you succeed, and they thrive when they can find a positive outcome for the customer. 

To achieve this, they tend to blend a combination of technical understanding of the product or service with strong communication skills. For example, a school-based enrolments officer will know a vast amount about the school and it’s community, as well as the enrolment process, but they will also be able to articulate the benefits of attending the school to prospective parents. 

Technology is changing how Linkers work

Automated customer service systems, such as ‘chatbots’, are now able to handle many of the repetitive and ‘easy’ public enquires organisations receive, which means that Linkers now need specialised skills to handle the more complex problems that can’t be dealt with by automated systems. 

Linkers may need to be able to work alongside this type of software, and many Linkers use advanced customer management systems to track and monitor their support services. As digital marketing continues to grow, we will need less Linkers who work in traditional print and television marketing and more social media and digital experts. 

Where do Linkers work?

Many Linkers work in customer service or sales roles within a business, but this isn’t the only place they work. 

Some support customers in person, for example as a tour guide showing tourists around a museum, others work away from direct interactions with the public, for example if they are designing awareness campaigns for charities. 

Check out these Linkers

Sabri Suby

Sales and Marketing

Sabri founded King Kong, a digital sales agency, and has generated over $1B worth of sales for his clients

Kyndall Fire

Cruise Director

Kyndall is in charge of ensuring everyone on her cruise ship has a great holiday by linking people with events and attractions

D'Leanne Lewis

Real Estate Agent

D’Leanne helps people find buyers for their homes and handles the marketing for their property

Jobs for Linkers

You’ll find all kinds of jobs in this Cluster, from entry-level retail sales positions you can start while you’re still at school, through to roles leading Community and Branding for major multinational corporations. 

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