What's your Career Cluster?

Uncover your career journey, contribute to educational resources, and discover where you fit with the Career Cluster Quiz

Learn more about yourself while helping young people learn too

This is no ordinary online ‘quiz’. The Career Clusters has been designed as an educational tool for high schools across the world – but the great thing is, it’s also awesome for working adults to see where they ‘fit’.

You’ll discover which Career Cluster resonates with you, reflect on your career so far, and help us gather anonymous data that shows the different pathways that people take.

There’s nothing for us to sell you, and we don’t sell the anonymous data either (that would be creepy). So thanks in advance for helping our Social Enterprise to create a new tool for educators everywhere. Ready to go?

How it works

You’ll just need 5 to 10 minutes – about the same amount of time it takes you to drink a cup of tea or coffee (or whatever else you enjoy).

Step 1
Before the Career Cluster Quiz, we’ll ask you a few questions about your career journey to date. This information will help us understand the impact your Cluster has had on your career choices.
Step 2
Then, you’ll answer a series of 30 questions where you need to choose from two statements. Sometimes it will be easy to choose your preference, other times you may find it more difficult, and that’s ok because we are complex human beings who value multiple ways of working.
Step 3
After you’ve answered the questions, you’ll be shown your Career Cluster Profile. You could use this information to help you think about your career so far, and may want to factor your Clusters into future decisions as well.
Step 4
If you enter your email so that we can send you your results, they'll arrive via email.


We need a new language about how we work

The research shows us that young people struggle to understand the types of jobs that exist, or see the pathways they need to take to reach them. Instead, they focus on a narrow range of predictable jobs, which look remarkably similar to those of their parents and grandparents. 

The Career Clusters give us a new way to talk about how we work, because they group people into Clusters based on their preferred ways of working. It’s a holistic way of looking at what we do, that encompasses core skills, common outcomes, work environments, and shared values. 

But in order to understand how our Clusters shape our career journeys we need to hear from lots of different people. That’s why we’re asking you to complete the survey and Career Cluster Quiz, and tell us about your career so far. The data you share could help us spot patterns in ways of thinking, and our intent is to help the next generation make more informed choices about the pathways they take, based on your experiences. 

Thank you for your contribution – we couldn’t do it without you.